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Retirement Advisory Services

401(k) and 403(b) investment guidance, employee education, compliance services, and administrative support for your employees’ financial futures. Integrated payroll data for your peace of mind.

Comprehensive Retirement Planning

Selecting the right retirement plan, properly educating employees, and minimizing compliance exposure is no small task. With our approach to retirement planning, we’ve developed a program that combines guidance, support, and services to help you and your employees be successful.

Our program includes:

  • Fiduciary protection and reporting
  • Payroll integration included
  • Compliance monitoring and administrative support
  • Participant education and enrollment support
  • Fund selection and performance review

Retirement Plan Design & Employee Communication

With your objectives in mind, our team of experienced consultants crafts an effective plan design, including:

Fund Performance Review

How do you know if your plan participants are offered funds that are performing well, properly mixed, and totally compliant? Our advisors are constantly analyzing performance to ensure your employees have the very best options.

Fiduciary Reporting

Quarterly and annually, we provide a Fiduciary Report that includes a summary of financial, investment, and participant activity.  We present the findings of our ongoing monitoring to your plan sponsor, who can make any necessary changes.

Education & Enrollment Support

For many participants, getting set up to save for retirement isn’t intuitive. This means your employees might not participate and receive the benefit you’re offering. Our advisors provide group and one-on-one educational sessions during annual enrollment and subsequent entry dates, either in person or via webinar.

Compliance Services

An experienced partner can help you minimize your exposure to fines, penalties, and reimbursements. Each of our clients works with a dedicated Account Manager who acts as a compliance officer. You’ll benefit from:

Plan Benchmarking

Meet your plan’s fee disclosure fiduciary requirements by having your plan’s expenses compared to other vendors’, ensuring they are reasonable and changing them if they are not.

Fiduciary Compliance

We assist in creating an investment policy statement. We also facilitate an annual investment review committee meeting and provide the minutes.

Additional Administrative Support

Consider your technical needs solved. We’ll help you electronically file the Form 5500, handle distributions for terminated employees, and provide required fee disclosures to trustees and participants. In all regulatory matters, we’re happy to communicate between you and service providers.


For clients also using our HR and Payroll platform, we include the following services:

Payroll Integration

On pay day, all of your contributions and loan repayments are automatically sent to the service provider. Payroll data becomes a powerful tool for retirement plan administration.

Deduction Setup & New Participant Enrollment

All deferral and loan repayment deductions, in addition to ongoing deduction changes, are managed in the HR system. New participants’ enrollment information is reviewed by an advisor before it is submitted to the service provider.

Terminated Participants

We communicate with terminated participants and the service provider, providing paperwork and procedures for initiating distributions.

Quarterly Loan Audit

To ensure all payments are made according to the amortization schedule and loan balances match the figures posted by the service provider, we provide a quarterly loan audit.

Census Collection

At plan mid-year and year-end, we provide census information to a third party administrator, who performs nondiscrimination testing on a timely basis.

Retirement Planning and Advisory +

+ Technology 

With  the ability to use your payroll and HR data to offload administrative tasks and an experienced team of dedicated advisors, retirement planning plus HR technology equals big successes for your business.

+ Benefit Services

Combine benefit brokerage with our retirement advisory services to experience a truly all-inclusive and all-encompassing program that helps you provide excellent perks for your employees.

+ HR Services

Enhance employee communications, recruiting, and retention strategies with a suite of HR services. With an HR Partnership, you can extend the reach of your HR team, introduce strategic initiatives, and more