Employee Onboarding

Quickly transform new hires
into key performers

Get out of the data entry business so you can focus on developing and supporting your people.

Our friendly, self-service portal guides employees through the onboarding process .

From the moment your candidate accepts the position, our technology automates all the tasks required for a compliant and productive onboarding.

Our self-service portal eliminates tedious data entry for the HR team. We convert your new-hire documents (including W-4 and I-9) into online forms that obtain digital signatures.

If desired, you can also include introductions to your company culture, policies and procedures. Define the documents, messaging and workflow to align with your process and brand.

See how easy onboarding can be!

Now there's a better way to welcome new employees


With our cloud-based application you can be sure each new employee receives a consistent onboarding  experience and all the correct new-hire paperwork.


Define the documents, messaging and workflow to align with your organization’s process and brand.

Easy and efficient

Employees complete all new-hire paperwork online, using a computer or a mobile device.

Automated notifications

Emails alert new employees of tasks that need to be completed and notify managers of outstanding items.

Auto populated form fields

Existing information appears in the correct fields automatically, so employees don’t need to re-enter it.

Smart fields

Verify data to help ensure you collect the information you need, simplifying your auditing.

Adobe document cloud

All documents are signed electronically and stored for employee and HR reference.

Make onboarding easy with your own friendly portal!