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Case Studies

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CheckPoint HR meets a traditional company’s high-tech HR needs

Because of the cost savings and increased efficiency gained through the CheckPoint HR solution, Colavita uses Checkpoint HR as an integral part of managing its people—from employee benefits to payroll to employee performance evaluations.

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KIPP Metro Atlanta Saves With All In One Benefits And HR Solution

KIPP Metro Atlanta Saves On Employee Benefits & Administration

KIPP Metro Atlanta faced a 24% increase at renewal, which would have had tremendous negative financial impact on the not-for-profit educational organization. Learn how they controlled these costs while improving efficiencies with an all-in-one technology and benefits solution.

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Homeless Solutions Saves 50 Percent on Payroll Costs

Homeless Solutions saved 50 percent on their payroll costs alone within the first 18 months of working with CheckPoint HR. In addition, employee benefits were strengthened, leading to higher job satisfaction. Also, CheckPoint HR assisted with administrative tasks, enabling Homeless solutions to continue to keep costs low while delivering expanded services and reporting.

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Guides, Whitepapers, eBooks

2017 HR Trends

2017 HR Trends that Actually Matter

HR and benefits will provide both challenges and opportunities for employers in 2017. These five trends offer a glimpse of what’s coming, along with actions you can take now to stay ahead of the curve and drive success in 2017.

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2016 2017 ACA Reporting

2016 / 2017 ACA Reporting

Do you have a plan for collecting and reporting employee data for IRS forms 1094-C and 1095-C? This document can help you prepare for upcoming ACA requirements.

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Beyond HRIS Book

Beyond HRIS: What's Next in Data and Administration

Read our new white paper,”Beyond HRIS: What’s Next for Employee Data and Administration” and learn how HR and financial managers are re-thinking the way they manage people and information.

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Recent Blog Posts


Aligning HR with organizational KPIs

Aligning HR with information relevant to key performance indicators can lead to intuitive, actionable insights that could potentially transform the company—but you need the right tools in place to make it work.

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Don’t Digitize Your HR Department Without First Talking To A Consultant.

Why de-cluttering your employee data is so important

Paper-based processes and outdated technology slow down HR departments. When employee information is strewn throughout various files, it becomes a hassle to complete even the most elementary tasks. Learn what companies are doing to “de-clutter” their data.

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Give your HR department a digital universe

Many companies are so excited to incorporate technological solutions for HR administration that they seemingly gloss over a crucial component—the digital universe.

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