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Affordable Care Act
Technology and Services

Are you worried about increased compliance risks, management complexity and strained resources due to the Affordable Care Act? Stay compliant and minimize administrative burdens with CheckPoint HR. Our technology and expertise make ACA compliance accurate and efficient.

Integrated Data Makes Compliance Easy

Because our integrated HR, benefits and payroll technology captures and retains the data required for ACA reporting, we make it easy for you to utilize this information to:


Determine healthcare eligibility


Collect ACA reporting data


Electronically file required forms

Our ACA toolkit includes an employee eligibility dashboard, employee access to electronic forms, printable 1095-C forms, and electronic IRS filing of 1094-C and 1095-C forms. We also offer a full array of services to help you stay on top of ACA compliance.

Are you ready for the new
ACA reporting requirements?

Download our 2016-2017 ACA Reporting White Paper

Now is the time to collect the necessary data for 2016 so you will be able to comply with the Section 6055 and 6056 reporting obligations. Fail to comply and you’ll face penalties and IRS scrutiny.

This document can help you prepare for upcoming ACA requirements by:

    • Providing an overview of the ACA reporting requirements
    • Identifying what each employer needs to do to prepare for ACA reporting
    • Documenting what CheckPoint HR is doing to support ACA compliance

Services and Pricing

ACA Basic Services

Includes the following ACA services and support: $1.25 PEPM*

Access to the ACA Toolkit, including:

Automatic ACA Data Population

Populate the Employee Group Mapping with the correct eligibility group for each employee based on system data. Auto-generate 1095-C data into the employee’s Offer of Coverage page. For Benefit Center clients and clients that manage dependents in the CheckPoint HR system, auto-populate dependents and auto-generate the dependent coverage for employees enrolled in self-insured plan. Employee ACA Detail Screens that identify potential concerns and provide data used to determine 1095-C codes

Employee Set-Up Functionality

This tool offers easy, efficient ACA employee setup, including establishing Applicable Large Employers (ALE), ALE Groups, Employee Offer of Coverage, 1095-C Consent Forms, and 1094-C data creation.

Import Tools

Access to tools for importing data to support ACA reporting. Includes employee Offer of Coverage import that can be used to update groups of employees. For Self-Insured plans there are two required imports:  Non-Employee Offer of Coverage import, which imports non-employee data, along with 1095-C information, and a Dependent import to import dependents that are covered by self-insured plans.

1094-C and 1095-C Forms

Employee access to electronic forms (Assumes client has implemented employee self service). Print 1095-C forms for employee distribution and electronically file forms 1094-C and 1095-C with the IRS


Reports supporting ACA compliance include ACA Hours Export, W2 Safe Harbor Verification and numerous reports to verify IRS 1094-C and 1095-C forms data prior to printing.

Employee Eligibility Monitoring

Monthly reports identify employees trending toward eligibility as well as employees whose coverage does not meet affordability thresholds. We proactively monitor these reports and contact you to ensure the project is on track.

Training Series and Documentation

Seven ACA training webinars walk you through the ACA process from setup, reviewing and updating auto-generated 1095-C data to finalizing the 1095-C and 1094-C forms. Our members-only ACA web portal provides webinar recordings, ACA Toolkit user guides and other information to help manage ACA compliance. Access HR consultants 24/7 through Think HR.

ACA Complete Services

Includes all ACA Basic services detailed above, PLUS the following services: $2.00 PEPM*

Notice and Appeal Tracking and Response

Support for responding to government notices on minimum value and affordability. Assistance with the appeals process.

Dedicated Support and Consultation

Dedicated hands-on support from a PHR-certified ACA expert, including an individualized analysis and ACA strategy customized to your organization. On-call support as needed for ACA questions and concerns.

*PEPM – Per Employee, Per Month. Services ordered on a PEPM basis require a one-year commitment and are billed monthly per paid employee.

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