About Us

HR Solutions for Small to Mid-sized Companies

CheckPoint HR is an HR services and technology provider. We work with small to mid-sized companies, helping them eliminate unnecessary HR expenses while improving HR programs, compliance, and employee satisfaction.

We are the pioneering leader in the new field of the HR Spend Optimization Platform – a combination of services and technology that enables small to midsized companies to better leverage their HR spend. Customers use our solutions to maximize the value of every HR dollar, returning money to their businesses and multiplying their investment options.

Business Needs We Address

Per employee, small to midsized companies spend 30% more than large enterprises on basic employee administration. On top of this, most of these companies unknowingly pay hidden and other avoidable costs.

CheckPoint HR helps recapture those costs and minimize the HR spend differential between smaller and larger enterprises. We deliver cost savings while helping our customers offer wider benefits choices. We enable them to improve employee satisfaction, attract better job candidates, and strengthen retention rates.

We do this through innovative programs and technology that leverage employee self-service while giving employees the ability to tailor benefits offerings to their own personal needs. Small to mid-sized companies face critical headcount thresholds where federal compliance regulations and required HR programs increase dramatically.

Their typical response is to stretch HR resources further, spend unnecessarily, or gamble with increased exposure to a costly compliance audit. We help our customers satisfy their required HR programs and compliance needs without adding undue cost to their HR budgets.

HR Spend Optimization

Our solution, CheckPoint Connect, is an HR Spend Optimization Platform. It combines expertise, services, and technology innovations to maximize HR spend efficiency. It aggregates best in class content providers into a single Cloud-based solution, designed for small to midsized companies, that spans from payroll to benefits and HR management services. CheckPoint Connect enables companies to implement leading-edge HR benefits programs that give employees more choices and control – without a negative impact to the HR budget. CheckPoint HR customers have optimized their HR spend. They are better prepared to face the challenges of healthcare reform and increased government regulation. They have more money to invest in their businesses and more choices for the future.