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With a team of experienced consultants, credentialed HR pros, and rock-star developers, we deliver an all-in-one solution that covers every part of the employee experience, from recruiting to retirement.

By combining benefit consulting, retirement planning, HR technology, payroll, and built-in concierge services, we’re truly a one-stop shop for all of your HR and benefits needs.

When payroll data meets benefits, processes become effortless and compliance concerns disappear. Top talent is attracted, inspired, and retained. Work gets easier and productivity skyrockets.

The bottom line: With CheckPoint HR in your corner, you’ll have everything your business needs to profit and grow.


Targeted Benefits and HR Solutions for…

Less Than 100 Employees

small business hr solution - two silouhettes

Over 90% of businesses in the US have fewer than 100 employees. These businesses struggle to manage the work and cost of HR, benefits, retirement planning, and compliance.

Sound familiar? Here’s the solution you need: All inclusive pricing for benefits, HR, technology and more. You get a straightforward and robust system that will help you stay compliant and build happy employees.

100+ Employees

Midsize Business HR Solution

Ready to move beyond your business processes and start looking at your people? This all-in-one solution lets you seamlessly manage the entire employee experience, from recruiting through retirement.

With comprehensive pricing that includes benefits, technology, and services, this solution is ideal for organizations working with multiple vendors and potentially paying 30% more than competitors for the same services!



Scale up to a robust solution with customizable reporting, easy online enrollment, and benefits strategies that help control costs, long term.

CheckPoint HR’s Enterprise approach includes a full suite of concierge services and access to our online enrollment and benefits marketplace technology.

Meet the All-In-One Approach:

Happy HR Directors, CFOs, and Employees