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Funding Employee Benefits?

Funding Employee Benefits?

We’ve pioneered a way for small to mid-sized companies to save on employee benefits while maintaining and often improving benefits offerings.

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Eliminating Hidden Expenses?

Eliminating Hidden Expenses?

Most small to mid-sized businesses pay hidden and avoidable costs that are buried inside the overall HR budget. We can help you find those unnecessary expenses and eliminate them.

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Handling Healthcare Costs?

Handling Healthcare Costs?

We’ve held our customers’ increases to less than 1% on average. If you’re tired of double-digit premium hikes, you need to talk to us.

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HR Spend Optimization Case Study

You can save on healthcare costs without compromising benefits quality

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Optimizing Your HR Spend

Discover the keys to maximizing the value of every HR dollar

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Cost control strategies that make a real difference

We know how to save on healthcare cost for small to mid-sized businesses. In one case, we turned a 42% increase notice into a 25% overall reduction – without any reduction in plan quality. How did we do it? Contact us to find out!

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Learn how a Benefits Marketplace changes the game

Want a more predictable cost model for employee benefits while maintaining program quality? Learn how a Benefits Marketplace can help your company. Now small to mid-sized businesses can implement their own benefits exchange – and save money in the process!

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Get the quality of service you deserve

Tired of labyrinth-like phone trees and having to explain your problem to a new rep every time you call? Step up to CheckPoint HR! We specialize in serving small to mid-sized companies – in fact that’s our size too – so we not only relate, we go out of our way to make you happy.

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